Ashly Margret

Candid in nature, old-worldly in feel

Wandering dreamers, hopeless stargazers

I’m Ash, a Tasmanian wedding and womanhood photographer. Beyond that, I’m a visual storyteller, a dreamer and a creative soul. When I’m not shooting epic love stories or honest tales of family life, you’ll find me in the garden picking flowers, exploring an endless rotation of vintage stores, or wasting hours staring at my dog in total adoration.

My sessions are all about collaboration, playful moments, and creating something uniquely new—yet heartwarmingly familiar. I enjoy experimenting with my craft beyond the traditional, and my time spent roaming the streets of Melbourne with my camera started a passion searching for beauty in movement and life.

I want to explore the beauty and bond to understand
what makes them beautiful
F a m i l i e s  —
M o t h e r h o o d
Come asyou are

I’m all about honest storytelling–earnest people, caught in a genuine moment, experiencing heartfelt emotion. These are the playful moments that seem unimportant, but quickly become invaluable treasures as your story continues to be written.

The fingerprints of your kin

I want to explore the beauty and bond of your relationships and understand what makes them so special. Whether that’s your connection with your loved ones or your own body – it’s all beautiful and deserves to be cherished. 

Let’s work together to create memories that are uniquely and undeniably you. Whether you’re snuggled up by a window or running through an over grown meadow with the beautiful chaos of your little ones, this is the time to be free and make something everlasting.

Let's tell your story in all it's wonderfully
imperfect glory
W e d d i n g s
E l o p e m e n t s
For themadly-in - love

This is your moment. I’ll be there for every impulsive giggle and silent moment of reverence and turn them into something everlasting. I’ll soak up all the wild energy and be whatever you need on your day–guide, mentor, bestie, wallflower–so you can focus on embracing the moment and having a kickass time.

Old souls and wild lovers

Whether you want your love story to be captured as a simple and honest ceremony, or as an epic adventure splashing around in the water with a bottle of champagne in one hand and your lover in the other–I’m up for it all. I’m all about finding and capturing those genuine, real-time moments that deeply reflect you and the beautiful connection you share. 

Whatever you dream up, I’ll be there to capture the essence of the day. I truly see my role as an opportunity to tell your story, so every time you look back at your photos you’ll find yourself right back there. The belly laughs, the first kiss, the happy tears, and all the magic in between.


S a y   h e l l o
A n y   t i m e

My approach is simple but not taken lightly: make sure you have the absolute best time (no matter how camera shy you are) and artfully document it. I’m down for any wonderful madness you can dream up. Think of us as old friends, hanging out and making new memories together.