Ashly Margret

About me

About me

Creating beautiful imagery was my passion long before I even realised it. I spent my teenage years making clothes and forcing my friends into photoshoots. I found ways to hero photography in every job I had, and when I finally decided to study it, it wasn’t because I wanted to be a photographer; it was to learn how to take better photos for my clothing business. While studying, I realised this is exactly where I’m meant to be. And now, here I am, seven years later, living out my dream that took a little longer to realise. 

When told, my own story has been viewed with eyes of sadness. To me, it’s not that kind of story. It’s triumphant. I’ve known unconditional love, I’ve never lost my childish wonder, and I’ve been profoundly shaped by the greatness and the loss of my Pop. I am still learning the art of being vulnerable instead of strong. But, overall, my days here, at our little home on the river with my partner Greg and my fur baby Wally, are full of playful laughter, singing terrible songs and philosophical chats on the deck as the days fade away.

About my sessions

I want my sessions to feel liberating, a safe space to laugh at ourselves and create art from your story. There’s no box you need to fit in other than your own. I want to know you and create something reflective of the now. An honest piece of familiar art that captures not the perfect but the real.